Sabtu, 29 Mei 2010

Students fight for seats in the 7000 Report

Not as usual at breakfast in one star hotels in Earth Parahyangan most of his guest-gray and white uniforms, even though today was a long weekend.

When out of the hotel, the road to Dago crowded with cars from all directions berplat D and B. The goal all the same, towards the ITB Jl Taman Sari.

Approximately 7000 students from throughout Indonesia today following the Bandung Institute of Technology entrance exam in Bandung centralized. Most students are from outside Greater Jakarta and Bandung, has been boarding before he followed an intensive lessons for incoming ITB in Bandung.

There are also students who are taken directly from the Greater Jakarta area because his parents did not goto the hotel for two days following the test today and Sunday.

To test this centralized, management ITB Rectorate Rp850.000 registration charge per applicant.

ITB has been held previously in the area of the entrance test, which could be followed by prospective students in their respective regions, and for the costs imposed registration form Rp800.000


Kamis, 27 Mei 2010

Data Question TPM Police Training Terrorists in Aceh Problem

Muslim Defenders Team (TPM) to assess the hidden agenda of the police handling operations related to certain military training in Aceh. Even the police is considered too reckless with the spread of information that can be unsettling and even belittles the official institutions of the state.

TPM Coordinator, Mahendradatta, said that so far information about military training activities are still maze. Information given by people who were arrested or surrendered to the description given by police, he considered contradictory.

He explained, participants who were arrested or surrendered to say there are no plans to attack an officer or the object of a certain building. Some say even practicing to be sent to Gaza to help the Palestinian Muslims.

"But the police said, as if they would make attacks against state officials on August 17 next. Moreover as if also found in Singapore MRT map but does not explain what to do with the MRT map. The police must explain this first. Do not hide agenda anything for it, "he explained.

It was announced on the sidelines of a meeting with administrators MUI TPM Surakarta, a religious teacher, and students at the Shariah Building, Jalan Adi Sumarmo No. 177, Solo, Thursday (27/05/2010).

Number of leaders attending are seen Abu Bakar Ba'asyir, Habib Rizieq Syihab, Habib Hussein al-Habsy, Munarman, Rochmat L Labib (DPP Chairman HTI) and others. While the TPM team who were present among others Mahendradatta, Achmad Michdan, and Achmad Kholid.

"The statement that children who had just practiced it will attack the president on August 17 that it was clearly offensive military as presidential security. As if they (TNI) is a weak security team which easily penetrated by the new kids can practice, "he said.

In addition, he continued, open and transparent explanation of the motives of military training in Aceh are required for subsequent handling up in court. Because if it is allowed between the maze of information with police agents, will worsen the situation.

Terrorists Wear Name Tags

On the occasion, Mahendra police menyidir also assessed more easily paralyzed by terrorist suspects shot dead on the spot. As a form of satire, TPM calls the terrorists who would act in order to use the name tag on his chest so that no one shot.

Mahendra explained, in an operation in Cikampek and Cawang some time ago the police say shot and killed the terrorist danger. But it was shot for days, until now deceased man was shot to death in the living room because of anonymous corpses.

"This event does not see reason. People who had not known, no clear identity, role and her figure is not clear but was shot dead. When asked who he was and what role, who shot it is also still confused. It's very strange," said Mahendra.

Mahendra continued, if such methods are passed the more innocent people who become victims. It could be a sudden a motorcycle shot dead when a lift directly terrorist suspects. Whereas the motorcycle taxi's do not know who dibencengkan.

"Therefore we appeal to the terrorists who want to perform better if you use a name tag on his chest. Compose big 'I am terrorist.' Thus, people who do not know business does not let me near it in order not to join a target shooting of the police," he concluded .


Sabu Smuggling Customs thwarted Worth USD 600 million

Sabu Smuggling Customs thwarted Worth USD 600 million
Customs Nibung Bay, North Sumatra, managed to thwart the smuggling of sabu-sabu weighing 509 grams which is predicted to reach USD 600 million in value. The perpetrators of these unlawful carrying of goods from Port Klang, Malaysia.

"Carried by a passenger MV.ATLANTIK Port Klang origin JET STAR

Malaysia. When prevention at around 17:35 pm, "said Customs and Public Relations
Excise R. Evy Suhartantyo told AFP on Thursday (27/05/2010).

According to Evy, principals named Muhammad Husain. He is an Indonesian citizen aged 36 years.

Husaini bring sabu in three bottles of liquid shampoo and liquid soap. Now the players had been secured for further review.


Rabu, 19 Mei 2010

Agus Martowardojo vs Anny Ratnawati menkeu baru kita

Agus Martowardojo which has been the Managing Director of Bank Mandiri, eventually appointed by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) to the Minister of Finance (Finance Minister) RI replace Sri Mulyani, who withdrew because of a Managing Director of the World Bank. Meanwhile, Director General of Budget Ministry of Finance, Anny Ratnawati appointed as Deputy Minister of Finance.
President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has formally appointed Director of Bank Mandiri, Agus Martowardojo as Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati replaced mengundrukan themselves. "After hearing input and consideration I am officially lifted Agus Martowardojo," Yudhoyono said in his official residence in Cikeas, Bogor, West Java, on Wednesday (19 / 5) night.
SBY decision after listening to input and consideration of the Vice President Boediono and Coordinating Minister for Economy, Hatta Rajasa.
"After hearing input and consideration I am officially lifted Agus Martowardojo," Yudhoyono said in his official residence in Cikeas, Bogor, West Java, on Wednesday (19 / 5) night.
SBY decision after listening to input and consideration of the Vice President Boediono and Coordinating Minister for Economy, Hatta Rajasa.
"After hearing input and consideration I am officially lifted Agus Martowardojo," Yudhoyono said in his official residence in Cikeas, Bogor, West Java, on Wednesday (19 / 5) night.
SBY decision after listening to input and consideration of the Vice President Boediono and Coordinating Minister for Economy, Hatta Rajasa.
"Both figures, having both the capacity and integrity," said Yudhoyono accompanied by Vice President Boediono, State Secretary Sudi Silalahi, Cabinet Secretary Dipo Alam, and Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Hatta Rajasa.
This appointment was at once dismissed all the rumors circulating about who the replacement figure in Sri Mulyani that prestigious position. Agus addition, a number of names had been nominated as a substitute for the Minister of Finance. The names include Deputy Minister of Finance Anggito Abimanyu, Senior Deputy Governor of Bank Indonesia Nasution, and Chairman of the Capital Market Supervisory Agency and Financial Institution Fuad Rahmany, and the Director-General of Budget Ministry of Finance Anny Ratnawati.


Minggu, 16 Mei 2010

raging river bengawan solo again

Heavy rain which flushed for a few days causing the Solo River and its tributaries-full, even overflowing in several houses in the City tempat.Puluhan Makmur which surrounded the Solo River and its tributaries inundated following heavy rains since Friday (14 / 5 ) night until Saturday morning.

The next heavy rain resulted in the Solo River and its tributaries overflowing number rises. In Nusupan, Kadoan, Grogol for example, has entered the overflowing of the River River, the township residents. A total of nine of a total of 26 houses located in RT 04/RW V Nusupan, Kadoan flooded yard. Home residents are lucky because the average height, the flood was not till they entered the house.

RT 04/RW V Kadoan, Subandi said, the Solo River began to overflow at about 6:00 pm. "The water started to overflow Bengawan River this morning. As a result all my yard floods, "jelasnyanya reporters when met at his residence, In Klaten district, Central Java, flooding at least 500 houses in the hamlet soak Gonalan, Bawak Village, District Cawas. Flooding also occurred in the village of Talang, District Bayat; and Planggu Village, District Trucuk. In Cawas, 30-50 cm-high water to meet the courtyard houses, roads, rice cultivation, and the field.

"Houses just muddy, but the floods soak the rice plant age of two months. If it does not subside until tomorrow, the plant can rot. In fact, the submerged reach five hectares, "said Camat Cawas Priharsanto,

In the city of Solo, floods occurred in the RT 3 RW 7 Kampung Sewu, District Jebres. A total of 35 houses on the banks of Kali Pepe is a subsidiary of the Solo River inundated.

In Sukoharjo District Gadingan floods struck the village, the village of Laban, and Villages in District Tegalmade Mojolaban, and Telukan Kadokan Villages in District Grogol, as well as bulging and Countryside Villages in District Nguter Nguter. Floods caused by overflowing of the River Samin, son of the Solo River.

"We have not finished recording, at least two houses in the village of Gadingan, 14 houses in Tegalmade, and a house in the village of Laban inundated," said Head of Rescue, Protection, and the Public Tranquility Body Politics of National Unity and Community Protection Sukoharjo Aris Budi.

In Wonogiri district, connecting roads and Kismantoro Purwantoro District 1-meter-deep sinkhole during seven meters. Head of Well Kesbangpol Wonogiri Gunawa Gatot said, the driver must pass an alternative route with mileage over 10 miles away.


Occurred landslides that struck two houses in RT 1 RW 1 Wonokarto Village, District Wonogiri. In addition, the 25-meter-high cliff in a pine forest 37 plots in National Parks in the Hamlet of Mount Merbabu Mejing, Banyusidi Village, Kecamatan Pakis, Magelang regency, landslides hit three residents seekers grass, Saturday morning. A resident, Mrs happy (60), died instantly and another person, Mrs Repi (65), were injured.

Mrs Kuwat (55), residents who survived the disaster, said that three of them are sisters set out in search of grass at about 08:00. Target forest is about 500 meters from residential areas.

When mowing the lawn, Mrs. Kuwat see some ground, moving down. He also warned the two sister's yelling to get away from the cliff. "Everything was going fast. After I yelled, direct cliff landslides and hoard my two older brothers, "he said.

According to the Village Secretary Banyusidi Waluyo, longsornya cliff triggered heavy rains that came down from Friday (14 / 5) until Saturday morning.

According to Waluyo, heavy rainfall also caused half the road that connects Sigelang Hamlet, Village Banyusidi, with Surodadi Village, District Candimulyo, ambrol. In addition, three access roads in the Village Banyusidi antardusun closed off because of landslides along the 10-15 meter.Dengan housing conditions is high, Bandi added, overflowing rivers were lucky not to get into the house. "While this has not been until the flood came into our house. But if rain was still falling on, I'm afraid of water overflowing the river quickly rose up to go home, "said he.

To anticipate the flooding worse, Bandi said, he and his family all the furniture has been wrapped in plastic. Goods that can not be brought will be put into the rangon while two children with his wife will be evacuated to the Masjid An Translated by which the location is not far from home.

One of the SAR personnel when encountered at the scene, Ari Andriyanto explained, as many as 10 people on standby in Nusupan, Kadoan. "We're here already prepared two rubber boats to evacuate residents. While we will


here (Nusupan-ed) because the river seems to continue to rise, 'he explained. While water levels in Nusupan Kadoan start in the morning until late afternoon about 50 cm.

Meanwhile, connecting road between the village with the Village Tegalmade Laban, Mojolaban interrupted due to flooding. At the entrance gate Tegalmade Village, residents put up a bamboo transverse Laban deliberately to prevent passing motorists. Based on observations, ranging from village entrance gate to go to RT Tegalmade 03/RW II, the flood of Kali Samin sedada high achieving adults.

One of the residents of Laban, Budi Raharjo explained, the level of water in Tegalmade reach one meter. "Since the floods, we purposely put the bamboo so that motorists do not dare go Tegalmade. If they're desperate, the motor will be stuck and hard to come back, "he explained. Due to flooding, Budi added, residents would have to play through to Tegalmade Plumbon, Mojolaban.

Due to the overflowing of Kali Samin, based on information collected at the scene, as many as 40 heads of households (families) at Tegalmade yard inundated. Meanwhile, as many as 11 families from RT 01/RW II Tegalmade forced evacuation to the nearest neighbor's house because the flood has begun into the house.

Kadesh Tegalmade, Giyanto explained, as many as 11 families now been evacuated to the nearest neighbors. "Residents whose homes were inundated now been evacuated. While indeed the new 11 families whose homes terenda. But if the rains continue, the possibility of more villagers whose homes were inundated, "he explained.


Sabtu, 15 Mei 2010

Indosat IWIC Hold 5th 2010

Entering the year to 5, PT Indosat Tbk (Indosat) return Indosat held Wireless Innovation Contest (IWIC) in 2010, a competition in the field of wireless INNOVATION. Taking the theme "Wireless Innovation to Realize Dream of Indonesia", IWIC 2010 brings two new categories on Mobile Wireless Application Development can be applied to business and commercial activities as well as applications for the Games and Entertainment is intended for general public. Other categories of Essay Writing on the development of wireless technology that can be followed by student high school, students and journalists / media, with a total prize of hundreds of million rupiah.

All categories are presented to provide a forum for young people and communities in realizing their dreams through creativity and innovation in the field of wireless. Realizing the dream world that is not only an exciting industry, but also the public welfare. Younger generation realize the dream to become an innovator of wireless field is useful for their future, and is calculated in the global wireless world. IWIC trying to bridge and help them achieve all their dreams.

The launch own IWIC 2010 held at the Central Office Building attended by Indosat with Director General of Post and Telecommunications Muhammad Budi Setiawan, and Director and Chief Officer of Wholesale and Infrastructure Indosat, Fadzri Sentosa.

"IWIC 2010 which was held for the fifth time since 2006 this is real evidence of Indosat's commitment to provide a forum for young people and communities in creative and create innovations to realize their dreams in the field of wireless. This is consistent with the values and culture are always We cherish the culture of innovation. We hope the works will be produced innovative, truly capable of making Indonesia the world scene is present in the wireless world and will be able to lead the global wireless market, "was delivered Fadzri Sentosa, Director & Chief Wholesale and Infrastructure Indosat time IWIC launch.

Categories contained in IWIC 2010 consists of two categories, namely Development of Wireless Applications and Essay Writing. For Wireless Application Development category itself consists of two sub-categories, namely Business and Commercial (mobile advertising, mobile tracking and navigation, mobile payment, mobile learning, or a traveler / roaming, etc.) and Games & Entertainment (related to the development of attractive games, interactive, netowking social, instant messaging, a video messaging, etc). Here participants can create a variety of application programs can be implemented for the BlackBerry, Android-based handset, broadband service (the device PC, notebook, netbook, MID, etc) as well as for other wireless devices. Application development category is open to the public.

The second category is IWIC 2010 Essay Writing. Within this category, participants made the paper with the main topic of wireless communications technology, which can be viewed from different angles, among others, in terms of regulation, the application / implementation, the telecommunications industry in general, the benefits to society, the local content of the device (local content) technological developments in the future, the current technology trends and much more. The second category is intended for students of junior / senior high school, students and journalists / public journalism.

For Wireless Application categories, the requirement to follow IWIC 2010 is the work produced can be executed or applied in a variety of platforms (BlackBerry, Android, Broadband, etc), work should be original, unique, and has not been previously included in other races, as well as selected works be a winner, will be reviewed by Indosat, to be followed up as a feature that will be commercialized Indosat and will be negotiated separately.

Participants who are interested in following this competition may submit his work directly via email to, or through the website at Indosat will be in the re-route to , where web site is managed together with IM2 (Indosat Mega Media). Participants simply attach the scanned data about yourself (name, address, No. HP products Indosat / Phone, education level, name of college / university), photocopy of identity (ID card / driving license / Student Card / Identity Card etc.) and paper / concepts that will be contested (the prototype was made after the participant selected as a finalist).

Indosat has prepared a variety of appreciation for innovative work to be winners, which total hundreds of millions of rupiah prize BlackBerry handset, Android and netbook and also the opportunity to share experiences with younger generations of creative with its latest innovations.

To provide a forum to communicate at once became the center of information about various matters related IWIC program, participants can visit the portal IWIC with the address:, FaceBook Group in Indosat Wireless Innovation Contest - Internet & Technology in Mobile as well IWIC.


Fresh Ready 5600 Telkom Towers in Telkomsel SingTel

Telkom ready to submit a proposal offering to buy about 5600 of the tower that belongs to Singtel in Telkomsel. Telecommunications SOEs has also been appointed as an advisor at Macquarie Securities Group Telkom tower unification under Dayamitra Telecommunications.

"Studies have not finished. After that we will make an offer to the parties whether they agree Singtel remove. If yes, we buy," Telkom president director Rinaldi Firmansyah said on the sidelines of a seminar Telkom Corporate ICT, at the Hotel Kempinski, Jakarta, Wednesday (12 / 5 / 2010).

Telkom plans to establish a special business unit to manage the tower business through its subsidiary, Dayamitra. But the plan was still experiencing difficulties since Telkomsel, a subsidiary of his cell, also owned by SingTel. SingTel has a 35% share.

Thus, from about 16 thousand towers in Telkomsel, 35% or about 5600 of them are part of SingTel. Telkom also try to buy the rights to ownership of the tower Dayamitra in the next three years had a residence selling power to go public through the inital public offering (IPO).

Rinaldi not want to mention that the price will be offered to buy the 5600 tower from Singtel. The reason is still under review. However, he estimates, for the new tower, Telkom will be offered with prices ranging from USD 600-700 million per tower.

"As for the old tower could be up to USD 1 billion. For to the old tower had a lot of operational cost," said the CEO of Telkom.